In traditional Pyrenean societies, and in Andorra as well, the house was the main element, since heritage and family prevailed over people. Each individual had a duty towards the house, and had to see to it that the estate would not be scattered and could be passed down from generation to generation. Marriages were arranged between families, with beneficial alliances in mind. Love, if any, was secondary.

Up to three generations could live in Pyrenean houses, in addition to salaried workers such as stable lads, labourers, maids... in the case of strong families. People did not only live in the house, but, above all, they performed tasks related to agriculture and livestock, as can be seen with the furniture and tools of the various rooms. The building was adapted to the needs of each family and the type of product to which they were dedicated. Although the Rull house was rich, you will find no great luxuries in it, at least as we understand them today.

Josep Perich Puigcercós, the last owner of the Rull house, made an agreement with the Government of Andorra to transform the building into a house-museum in order to remember the past of Andorra and leave a testimony for future generations; it was inaugurated on June 9th 2000.

Casa Rull Museum is part of the Rural Habitat Itinerary

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In 2021, the museum's tiket office became a place where the young artists could exhibit their work in small-format and reduced-duration shows.

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The attic

The top floor was used for storage and drying: on the one hand, it was used to store fruit, nuts and herbs, and some of the products were dried to preserve them better; on the other hand, some of the tools that fell into disuse were also stored there. During the last years that the family lived in the Rull house, the attic was mainly used for drying tobacco.

Tobacco sheaves

The attic was the place where some of the products from the fields were kept, like tobacco, which was hanged up to dry. 

General view of the attic