A permanent exhibition by Ukrainian miniaturist Nikolai Syadristy, considered to be a worldwide genius of miniature art. His work is a representation of many historical, cultural, philosophical and plastic themes. Made with gold, platinum and natural materials, each creation presents a technical problem perfectly solved by the artist. The 14 pieces took eight years to make and must be observed through a microscope. It is considered that Syadristy’s work cannot be surpassed in the future.

The museum also houses the work of Liu Shouben, the Chinese artist who holds the title of Grand Master of Peking. The collection is comprised of small Chinese bottles known as “snuff-bottles”, measuring 5 cm and painted with Andorran themes, such as the main characters, landscapes and monuments of the country. The inclusion of western motifs is a novelty, a challenge presented by the museum, accepted by the artist and executed with the utmost precision.


In recognition of the international tourists that visit us, Liu Shouben has also created “snuff-bottles” reproducing international motifs such as the Chambord Castle, the Sagrada Familia or Park Güell. The collection is updated on a yearly basis.


Finally, the museum is completed with a magnificent collection of traditional Russian dolls or matryoshkas with their captivating plastic beauty, as well as a series of papier-mâché boxes coming from the main schools of the golden wing of Moscow.


Edifici Maragda

AD300 Ordino

Més detalls

Tel.: (+376) 838 338


Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sundays and holidays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

General admission: €10

Reduced admission: €4.50 (groups, children from 6 to 10).


The museum is adapted for people with limited mobility.

Guided and unguided tours in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.